Nomad Soul
Magali Chouinard

Crédits photo: Jean-Guy Lambert
Crédits photo: Jean-Guy Lambert
Crédits photo: Jean-Guy Lambert
Crédits photo: Jean-Guy Lambert

Production – Magali Chouinard

Type – Visual Theater (masks, puppets and projections) – Without words

Duration 55 min

Synopsis – Live action and projections create a sequence of tableaux that come to life at the heart of nature.                         In a landscape of forest and water, a woman meets her many inner selves at different ages. In these multiple sketches, both scale and materials vary. Nomad Soul is inspired by Indigenous spiritualities, where the quest for consciousness is the very essence of life. The character’s dreamlike journey follows the paths of the great wolf-guide and the raven-conscience spirits, totemic symbols that accompany her on a breathtaking journey to the heart of the intimate Self. Nomad Soul combines surrealism and poetic imagery, and invites spectators to open their minds to the depths of interiority.

Team – Performer: Magali Chouinard | stage direction, and animated short film and video direction: Magali Chouinard | Stage manager and technical assistant: Claudie Gagnon ou Julie Tessier | Original soundtrack design: Julien Robert | Contributing stage director and rehearsal coach: Richard Morin | Contributing video editor and image advisor: Oliver Bochenek | Contributing scenic writer and manipulation advisor: Myriame Larose  | Dramaturgy and manipulation advisor: Karine St-Arnaud | Movement and mask advisor: Johanne Benoît 

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