Productions Éclats de Rire

Production – Productions Éclats de Rire

Public – Adults, 12 years and up

Type – Clown Theatre

Duration  80 min

Synopsis – A tragi-comedy featuring a clown confronted with the fear of dying. A medical musical especially created for an adult audience, combining theatrical interpretation with the art of clowning. Klinik tells the story of Chocolat’s hospital stay for some routine exams. This banal visit is a prelude to some spectacular scenes. From the urine to the blood test, all is cause for comic situations, where circus and theatre are cleverly intertwined. A show full of comedy and parody, with conjuring, slapstick, acrobatics and musical props. Rodrigue Tremblay and his accomplice Nicolette Hazewinkel form a hilarious double act. Great questions of life and death are approached with fierce humour and great humanity. Magic and spectacular come together in one enormous comic story, where poetry and imagination are inspired by everyday life.

Team – Performers: Rodrigue Tremblay and Nicolette HazewinkelConcept: Rodrigue Tremblay and Nicolette Hazewinkel | Textes and direction: Louis-Dominique Lavigne | Research : Yves Dagenais | Music and sound environment: Michel Smith, Fernand Bernard, Sylvain Gagnon, Thuryn von Pranke | Sound track: Michel Smith, Nicolette Hazewinkel | Set: Guy Fortin et Dirce Morelli | Artistic painting of set and props: Dirce Morelli | Props: Guy Fortin, Dirce Morelli, Martin Lemire, Fernando Grégoire, Rodrigue Tremblay | Lights: Martin Saintonge | Costumes: Louise Vincent, Suzanne Harel, Émilie Pronovost 

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Project categories: Agency

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