Le Ciel Rue
Toxique Trottoir

Production  Toxique Trottoir

Public – All public, 3 years old and up

Type – Street theatre

Duration  30 min

Synopsis – WHEN POETRY AND CLOWN ARTS MEET SURREALISM. With a cascade of choreographed scenes, optical illusions and magical effects, Le ciel rue’s foothold is certainly out of this world. Finding its inspiration in the dreamlike, poetic universe of surrealism, the show unfolds as a tug-of-war with reason from which the fantastic emerges. A poem without words, Le ciel rue knows no bounds but those of the imagination.

Team – Performers : Marie-Hélène Côté, Muriel de Zangroniz & Dominique Marier | Writing :  Marie-Hélène Côté, Dominique Marier et Muriel de Zangroniz | Stage/Movement Directors : Danielle Lecourtois & Soizick Hébert | Music : Jez | Stage Design, Costumes and Props : Armen Heydon, Ginette Grenier, Daniel Séguin & Rachel Lesteven

Presentation file and Technical rider

Project categories: Agency

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