Me And You
Talisman Théâtre

Production –  Talisman Théâtre

Public – Adults, 13 years old and up

Type – Theater

Duration  55 min

Synopsis – WHAT MAKES A REAL QUEBECER? – A young actress recalls her childhood memories and her arrival in Quebec. As the story unfolds, she recounts her meeting with Julie Sirois, her best friend—a quebecois who dies in an accident. Denying this reality, Talia will interrupt the story and change the course of her destiny by giving her role to Julie. But she soon discovers that sharing her life with others has risks, especially when it comes to uniting two cultures that everything dissociates. Autofiction where reality and freedom are scrambled, Me and You portrays a friendship that defies conventions and looks at the identity of the immigrant, posing the question : Do we acknowledge The Other for what he gives us, or for what takes from us? Me and You is written by Pascal Brullemans and Talia Hallmona were awarded the Louise-LaHaye prize for Moi et l’Autre

Team – Performers: Talia: Mirian Katrib et Julie: Kathleen Stavert  | Text: Talia Hallmona and Pascal Brullemans | Translation: Alison Bowie | Dramaturgy: Patrick Leroux | Direction: Arianna Bardesono | Set Design: Lyne Paquette | Costume Design: Fruzsina Lànyi | Lighting: David Alexandre Chabot | Sound Design: Jesse Ash

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