Théâtre À l’Envers

Production Théâtre À l’Envers

Public – 3 to 8 years old (family) and 4 to 8 years old (school)

Type – Congolese dramatist, puppets, shadow theatre and object theatre

Duration 50 min


A beautiful story, spun from an African tale, of a courageous young girl named « Mwana » who lives in a village deep in a forest. Every day, a giant monster comes to steal the villagers’ food. When Mwana proposes to confront the giant, the Village Chief wonders how such little girl could defeat a monster that no one has ever been able to stop. Is there a secret that only Mwana knows? This story takes the audience on a theatrical journey about courage, love and friendship as it re-explores the French proverb “We often need someone smaller than ourselves”.

Team – Performers : Patience Bonheur Fayulu and Patricia Bergeron | Ideation : Patricia Bergeron, Patience Bonheur Fayulu, in collaboration with Marie-Ève Lefebvre, Steve Beshwaty | Written and Directed : Patricia Bergeron in collaboration with Patience Bonheur Fayulu | Assistant Director : Patricia Bergeron and Marie-Ève Lefebvre | Illustrations : Steve Beshwaty | Scenography and costumes : Fanny Bisaillon | Lighting : Mathieu Marcil | Shadow theatre : Marie-Ève Lefebvre | Music : Dumisizwe Vuyo Bhembe | Puppet : Salim Hammad


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