The White Woman
Magali Chouinard

Crédits photo: Jean-Guy Lambert
Crédits photo: Patrick Argirakis
Crédits photo: Isabelle L'Italien

Production – Magali Chouinard

Public –  All public

Type – Visual and poetic performance with puppets and mask – Without words

Duration 35 min

Synopsis – With The White Woman, Magali Chouinard takes a tender look at how solitude can be a special place, a place where we can discover and rediscover ourselves. By daring to be silent, to move slowly and deliberately, and by steering away from a linear narrative, she empowers her visual poetry. She captivates and moves her audience with a succession of images and allegories. The White Woman is an acutely sensitive presence, a visual poetry where silence touches the soul and evokes the beauty of profound solitude and the relationship to oneself. In a series of living pictures, the character – all at once adult, young girl and old woman, wolf and raven – will reveal her may aspects in shadow and light.

Team – Creation, direction, scenography and interpretation:  Magali Chouinard | Acting coach: Marthe Adam | Creative collaboration: Richard Morin, Emmanuelle Calvé and Jean Cummings

Technical Rider

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Project categories: Agency

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