Under My Bed
La Cie Mobile Home

Production – La Cie Mobile Home

Public – Children, 3 years old and up

Type – Puppets Theatre

Duration   45 minutes

Synopsis – The show Under my bed tells the story of a child who goes to bed. Once the lights are off, the fear of darkness sets in. The coat on the wall begins to move, the walls creak. Is it Yuma’s imagination playing tricks on him? Sleep finally comes and worries morph into a dream. Under Yuma’s bed the unusual adventures of the machinery of dreams come to life. Clowns and fishes will guide him through the meanders of a strange trip.

Team –  Performers Puppeteers: Steeve Dumais and Lucas Jolly | Directed: Lucas Jolly and Steeve Dumais | Technical direction and lighting: Michel Fordin | Scenography and accessories: Gigi Perron | Puppets: Lucas Jolly | Sound creation: Steeve Dumais

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Project categories: Agency

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