Le Moulin à Musique

Le Moulin à Musique creates, produces and presents musical performances dedicated  to young audiences in artistic, educational and social purposes. Since the company began, nineteen shows have been created and performed in all kinds of venues, including theatres and schools. Under the artistic direction of Marie-Hélène da Silva, Le Moulin à Musique provides children with an opportunity to discover music in a creative way. Le Moulin à Musique performs an extensive musical repertoire that includes contemporary, baroque, classical and traditional music. By working with young Quebec composers, it presents a vibrant, contemporary repertoire. Its unique approach that blends music and theatre prepares children to understand and appreciate music.

Artistic direction : Marie-Hélène Da Silva

Discover their show represented by Scène Ouverte :


Tableaux Musique

Dans la cuisine de l’oreille



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