Tableaux Musique
Le Moulin à Musique

Production – Le Moulin à Musique

Public – 2 to 5 years old

Type – Musical and objects theatre

Duration – 30 minutes

Synopsis – Tableaux Musique is a journey weaved between dream and reality. Two curious characters invite us to visit their memories from the great outdoors through sounds and images. Thanks to the music, songs and series of sounds, they invite us to discover the desert and its festive caravans, the spongy and slippery seabed, the chant of the insects in the forest and the radiant joy that comes with the first snow. A unique journey of the senses, within and outside the world.

Tableaux Musique is a finalist for the 24th edition of the Opus Awards for the best production for young audiences in 2020.

** This show can be offered along mediation activities. 

Team – Performers : Mélanie Cullin and Marie-Noëlle ChoquetteArtistic direction and co-staging : Marie-Hélène da Silva | Original idea, composition and staging : Mélanie Cullin and Marie-Noëlle Choquette | Soundtrack : Philippe da Silva Visual arts : Marie-Eve Fortier

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