Toxique Trottoir

Production – Toxique Trottoir

Public 3 years old and up

Type – Clown street theatre

Duration 40 min

Synopsis – SUITE FOR LEAKS IN GLEE MAJOR! This aquatic celebration for all ages won’t leave anyone high and dry! Dive into the adventures of three Aquanaut clowns! In a faraway, long-forgotten land, a group of water preservationists still rules. These amusing adventurers are on a mission to index the Earth’s waters… when a leak in the main tank jeopardizes their plans! In a panic, the trio spurts out torrents of solutions, each one more ineffective than the other, but the stream of their imagination has no limits! Acrobatic diving, fishing, swimming, sailboat journeys, games in the frog pond, showering, washing, wringing out, and rubber rings… In all waters lies a tidal wave of pleasure no dam can stop! From channels to funnels of laughter, Aquaphonie is a street theatre clown show set in the realm of fantasy. UMBRELLA ADVISED!

Team – Performers : Muriel De Zangroniz, Dominique Marier et Marie-Hélène Côté ou Evelyne Laniel | Stage Director : Soizick Hébert | Stage Design, Costumes and Props : Thierry Vigneault et Fanny Mc Crae | Music : Frédérick Desroches | Photo credits : Marie-Noël Pilon

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Project categories: Agency

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