The Sandbox
Tenon Mortaise

Production – Tenon Mortaise

Public – 2 to 6 years old

Type – Puppets and shadow theatre

Duration  35 min

Synopsis – The sandbox is a theatrical play for the early childhood, that mingles puppet theatre, objects, clown and shadow theatre.The Sandbox proposes a playful and poetic route, strewed with short stories conceived from the discovery of the five senses, which begins as soon as we enter the theatre and continues all along the play.

Team – Performers : Diane Loiselle and Nadine Walsh or Denys Lefebvre | Written : Diane Loiselle | Directed : Denys Lefebvre | Set Designer : Patrice Daigneault | Lighting Designer : Thomas Godefroid | Composer : Guido Del Fabbro | Costume, Props and Puppet Designer : Diane Loiselle | Stage Manager : Vincent Santes | Technical Director : Patrice Daigneault

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