The Song of the Tree
Toxique Trottoir

Production – Toxique Trottoir

Public – All public

Type – Poetic wandering

Duration – 30 minutes

Synopsis – The city is inhabited by woodland creatures. Creators of oxygen and in direct descent from the trees, they blow a wave of green into the city, a powerful radiation of air and leaves.

Between dance, songs and little stories, our characters communicate the power of life in motion. Passers-by stroll under the canopy where the trees whisper with the birds the sweet tales of the full moon nights. If we have forgotten that trees are at the heart of our lives, Le Chant de l’Arbre invites us to take care of our trees and our forests.


Team – Performers : Ilya Kougliarov, Dominique Marier et Muriel de Zangroniz | Artistic direction : Muriel de Zangroniz | Stage design : Claude Rodrigue, Jean Cummings et Barbara Ménard | Stage motion : Diane Loiselle et Denys Lefevre (Tenon Mortaise) | Music : Étienne Legast (Audiotopie)

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Project categories: Spectacle en diffusion

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