Les Mamizelles

The three artists, by combining theatre and music, have woven a project dear to their hearts for young people. They are looking to awaken in the child a love and pleasure for words so that they may discover their sometimes strange and sometimes comic flavour. Because of their different cultural backgrounds (Quebec, Uruguay and France ) […]

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Toxique Trottoir

Founded in 2004, Toxique Trottoir invests public space to create shows and festive interventions for unusual encounters and dialogue between artists and citizens. The company engages with the audience in an original way through interactivity and by appealing to spect-actors. This encounter, in between theatre and clown arts, poetry and absurdity, reshapes our connection to […]

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Le Moulin à Musique

Le Moulin à Musique creates, produces and presents musical performances dedicated to young audiences in artistic, educational and social purposes. Since the company began, nineteen shows have been created and performed in all kinds of venues, including theaters and schools. Under the artistic direction of Marie-Hélène da Silva, Le Moulin à Musique provides children with […]

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Tenon Mortaise

Founded in 1996 by Denys Lefebvre and Diane Loiselle, Tenon Mortaise is a multidisciplinary theatre company that combines theatre, mime, dance, puppet theatre and shadow puppetry as well as visual art or video. At the crossroads of various artistic disciplines, the company develops its own theatrical writing and performing, marked by poetry, where image and […]

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